Sad Panda Studios would be very appreciative if you took the time to read through the following FAQ before sending in a support email/ticket.

Game saving/reset issues?

The game should auto-save so you can close your browser and come back any time to pick up your progress; it even continues leveling up the progress while you're offline. If you're playing on the web such as Nutaku or Kongregate, you might have cleared your cache, which destroys the save. Sometimes it's a webGL issue too, depending on which browser you're on. We always recommend Chrome. Can I ask, where you playing the game incognito mode? We're working on an update that will get around this so it won't lose your progress. Double check that you have a playfab ID showing on the More page. If it's not there, then that tells us your game isn't able to connect to the cloud save on playfab's server and that's why you're having these issues. Try seeing if you have adblocks turned on or just play in a different browser. Most of these reset issues come from people blocking the playfab API with adblockers or script blockers.

Lost nutaku pre-registration items when it reset?

If you pre-registered then the pre-reg exclusive lingerie outfits will still be in there since they're a constant inventory item, so no worries there. You just have to reach Lover Level with a girl to be able to 'swap' that outfit with their current clothes.

Never got your nutaku pre-registration items?

The pre-registration rewards included 10 Diamonds and all of the lingerie outfits available for the girls when they reach Lover level. Lingerie won't be equipped until you reach Lover status. They will be on the last page in the Gifts section :) The lingerie won't be equippable until you click 'swap' to have them wear it.

Loading Issues?

There are a few things you can try if you are having trouble loading the game: - Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date - Make sure your browser is up to date - Refresh your browser page (we find Chrome is the most reliable to play on) - Make sure there are no issues with something like adblock or your graphics card - Your computer might be running out of memory/ram, so you'll have to close the other tabs in your browser to free that up. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+shift+J in chrome and see if there are any errors and please copy paste them to [email protected] ...Sorry that's a hassle, but it can help us understand why it's not loading for you.

Skip Reset / how does it work / why didn't it work?

The skip reset button basically gives you all the perks of clicking 'prestige' from the Stats page without forcing you to start your progress over as a soft reset. When you buy a 'skip reset' you will see an 'offline progress earnings' popup just after doing that. This is identical to the effect of prestiging, only you can continue where you left off with the girls/jobs/hobbies AND you now have the prestige multiplier added to your speed boosts. There is NO need to click 'reset' anywhere after that, since the effects are immediate. Eventually your prestige multiplier will go up again and you can click prestige when it feels like a strategically sound time. The skip reset purchase is one of our most common support topics, since people don't understand that you're not meant to go click reset after buying it.

What does prestige do on the Stats page?

Basically it takes the multiplier number you see on the right and applies that to your current multiplier (the number on the left will now be higher) but if you just did this, then the 'what you'll get' multiplier number should be the same or close to the one you just got. It takes that and adds it to your current is all, but if you reach further levels with a girl then you'll notice the multiplier amount go up!

Browser says I need to have webGL enabled?

This shows up when a browser doesn't support WebGL. You can see if Chrome supports WebGL by checking a special chrome page here: chrome://gpu/ It should look something like this: Hardware acceleration will become disabled for a few reasons. 1) The computer is too old and cannot support WebGL content 2) The graphics drivers are out of date. They should check to see if they need to install graphics drivers for their computer (usually either AMD, NVidia or Intel). 3) The graphics card is not supported by Chrome. Hopefully the issue is #2, which can be easily fixed by updating the graphics drivers.

Can I transfer my save from Kongregate to Steam to Nutaku?

Kong, Steam, and Nutaku all have weird rules about ‘currencies purchased on one platform can't be transferred to another platform' so that basically means we can't offer a game transfer/save without getting into trouble. :(

Girls Not Appearing/Memory Album Images Not Loading/Images Glitching out?

This is due to an issue with the dynamic texture loading screen, which can only be processed on the Girls screen - which is why the game always loads here first. Try leaving the Girls screen open for 10-20 seconds after loading the game to ensure that all the background assets have been loaded in. You can also check for this by putting some outfits on a girl and ensuring their outfits load. These are usually the last to load. We're going to introduce a loading screen at some point soon.

Nutaku-chan doesn't show up in the game?

That's because Nutaku-chan only appears in the NSFW version of the game right now on, but we may add her to the SFW ( one eventually, after some light censorship and tweaks to her outfit :P

Quill's auto-affection hearts aren't working?

That's because Quill needs her favorite stat to be active, it's the same for any of the girls. The higher your stat/hobby is they they like the more auto-heart generation you'll get ;) Hers is the last hobby you unlock by design, since she's a cat and they usually make you work hard for their affection. It goes faster and your chat clicks have more strength each time you prestige though, so it's really only slow the first time.