What is the ‘NSFW’ DLC?

The DLC installs a new mode in your Crush Crush game on Steam, that allows you to play an uncensored hentai (adult) version of the game. New artwork is included, with beautiful high-resolution illustrations and sexy scenes. The DLC also includes every girl’s “lingerie” and “birthday suit” outfits ($40 worth!), extra voiced dialogue exclusive to the DLC (exclusively on Steam), and finally we’re throwing in 55 diamonds because we love you!

What is the ‘Panda Pass’ DLC?

A “Buy One, Get All” version of the NSFW DLC, which will unlock the hentai version of every adult game we release from now on! Think of it as a way to save money in the long run, like an early bird special. As of 2021 that includes Crush Crush & Blush Blush. We also have 2 more games slated for release later in 2021 (Cabin Fever and Hush Hush).

How does it get added to my Steam game?

Once you purchase the NSFW DLC or the Panda Pass, you will receive a special code. In your game of Crush Crush (Steam only) you can enter this code on the “More” tab, by clicking on “Enter Coupon”. Type or copy/paste your code in the blank field and click “OK”.

A new “Uncensored Mode” toggle will be added to the “Settings” menu in your game (it may take a minute to download all the new artwork, so hang tight for a sec!). Just click the checkbox for “Uncensored Mode” and you’re golden!

The Panda Pass works the same way, but you only need to enter the code once in Crush Crush to have it apply to all your future Sad Panda games. It’s tied to your Steam ID. Convenient!

Do you do refunds?

No, sorry. However, if you encounter an issue with your purchase please email [email protected] with as much info as possible and we’ll do our best to help you out.

When will you release new games?

Games obviously take a while to make, but we’re ever the optimists, so we’re planning for a August 2021 launch window for Hush Hush. We’ll do our best to meet that date! We also have many more games planned that will support the Panda Pass.

DLC Installation Instructions